Best Crypto Cards in 2024 | Crypto Debit & Credit Cards

Crypto credit and debit cards represent innovative tools that establish a connection between cryptocurrency and traditional spending methods. With crypto debit cards, users can load their card with cryptocurrency, which is then converted and spent as traditional currency.

On the other hand, crypto credit cards offer a credit line based on local currency, allowing users to earn rewards in cryptocurrency, rather than traditional reward points, with repayment due at the end of each billing cycle.

This article presents the list of the best crypto cards and provides important information about them.

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List of Top Crypto Cards

  1. Bybit Debit Card
  2. Nexo Credit Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. Debit Card
  5. Coinbase Debit Card
  6. Wirex Debit Card
  7. BitPay Debit Card
  8. Gemini Credit Card
  9. Ledger Credit Card
  10. Venmno Credit Card

Best Crypto Debit & Credit Cards Reviewed

This review focuses on the best crypto debit cards and the best crypto credit cards available in the market. We aim to provide a thorough comparison to help users make informed decisions on which card suits their financial needs and lifestyle, ensuring they benefit from the best features and services in this innovative financial space.

By bit Debit Card

The Bybit Card is a crypto debit card issued by the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange that lets you spend your crypto holdings like cash at millions of stores worldwide. It integrates with your Bybit account for easy top-ups, offers rewards for crypto spending, and prioritizes security. Also, it comes in virtual and physical versions with spending tiers and requires identity verification for application. However, it's currently limited to EEA and Australia.

Bybit Debit Card.


Convenience: Spend your crypto directly at any Mastercard merchant, online or in-store.
Security: Bybit implements security measures like EMV 3DS technology to protect your funds.
Flexible Funding: Your Bybit Funding Account is the source for your card transactions. Crypto in your account is automatically converted to fiat currency (like USD) for purchases.
Rewards Program: Bybit offers a rewards program with features like:

  • Cashback on purchases (rates may vary)
  • Discounted subscriptions for select services


Transaction Fees: None for most transactions, but some ATM operators may charge withdrawal fees.
ATM Fees: Free for the first 100 EUR/GBP worth of withdrawals each month, then a 2% fee applies.
Conversion Fees: When your crypto is converted to fiat for a purchase, a spread may be applied.
Card Issuance Fee: None for the virtual card, but there's a small fee (around 5 EUR/GBP/USDT) for the physical card (subject to change).

Our verdict:

Best overall crypto card tailored for users who value the ease and convenience of daily crypto spending, offering straightforward integration with Bybit accounts and no transaction fees for most activities.

Nexo Credit Card

The Nexo Card is a distinct crypto credit card featuring a dual-mode Mastercard linked to your Nexo account. With the Nexo card, you don't need a good credit score because it uses the value of your cryptocurrency stored in your Nexo account to give you a credit line. You can use it in two ways: as a credit card to spend some of your cryptocurrency without selling it, or as a debit card to spend your cryptocurrency or regular money directly. 

It gives you rewards like cashback on purchases, which you can get in Bitcoin or Nexo's own token. Also, you can keep earning interest on your cryptocurrency even while you use it as collateral for the card. And unlike other credit cards, you can pay off what you owe whenever you want, without any extra fees.

Nexo Credit Card


Credit Line on Crypto: Spend using a credit line based on the value of your crypto collateral held in your Nexo account.
Flexible Repayment: No minimum monthly repayments are required for purchases made in Credit Mode.
Dual Mode: Switch between Credit Mode (using the credit line) and Debit Mode (spending your crypto balance directly) for added flexibility.
Rewards Program: Earn cashback in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on your purchases.


Potential Fees: The fee structure can be complex, so consider these:

  • Interest rates on the credit line (vary depending on your Loan-to-Value ratio).
  • Spread fees when converting crypto to fiat for purchases in Credit Mode.
  • Potentially lower fees with higher loyalty tiers attained by holding NEXO tokens.

Our verdict:

Nexo Debit Card stands out for its high-level security measures, providing a safe way to spend crypto with peace of mind, plus the option to earn rewards on purchases. Debit Card

The Visa Card is a universal debit card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency holdings anywhere Visa is accepted. Funded by your balance, it offers seamless conversion of crypto to fiat currency for use in millions of locations worldwide.

The card provides attractive benefits such as up to 5% CRO rewards on purchases, no annual fees, and rebates on popular subscriptions. While there are no issuance fees for the card, some transactions may incur fees. It's an efficient bridge between digital and traditional finance, offering a practical way to utilize cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions. Debit Card.


Rewards: You can earn crypto rewards on your spending. The rate depends on the card tier, with Midnight Blue offering nothing and Obsidian offering up to 8%. Rewards are paid in CRO tokens.
Metal Cards: Except for the Midnight Blue card, which is plastic, all tiers are made of metal.Airport Lounge Access: The higher tier cards offer access to airport lounges through Priority Pass.
Streaming Service Rebates: You can get rebates for some streaming services with the higher tier cards.
Free ATM Withdrawals: You get a monthly ATM withdrawal limit with no fees. The limit varies depending on the card tier.
Virtual Card: All tiers come with a virtual card that you can use for online purchases.
Contactless Payments: All cards support contactless payments.


Card Replacement: There's a fee for replacing a lost or stolen card. This fee varies depending on the card option, ranging from £45.01 for Midnight Blue to £50 for others.
Topping Up with Credit/Debit Card: There's a 1% fee applied when topping up your card with a credit or debit card.
ATM Fees: itself doesn't charge any fees for ATM withdrawals, but the ATM operator might.

Our verdict: Debit Cart is the best choice for those seeking extensive rewards, including up to 8% back in CRO tokens, access to airport lounges, and more, with different tiers to suit various needs. Debit Card

The Card is a crypto debit card that functions like a regular debit card, enabling you to spend your crypto directly at stores and online or withdraw cash from ATMs. It has unique features like spending over 800 cryptocurrencies without conversions, earning up to 3% cashback in crypto on purchases, and having the lowest transaction fees in the market. You can even get a virtual card for immediate online use. Debit Card.


Direct Crypto Spending: Spend your crypto holdings directly without needing to convert them to fiat currency first. This can potentially save on conversion fees.
Wide Crypto Support: The card supports a vast range of cryptocurrencies, giving you more flexibility in using your crypto holdings.
Real-Time Conversion: Transactions are converted at real-time market rates, ensuring transparency in your spending.
Rewards Program: Earn rewards in crypto by staking $SPEND tokens, the native token of Higher staking tiers unlock better cashback rates (up to 3%). You can also earn staking rewards (up to an additional 6%).


While highlights no conversion fees, there might be other potential fees to consider: Annual fees (details on tiers and fees may vary).

  • Transaction fees (0,8%).ATM withdrawal fees (charged by the ATM operator).
  • $SPEND token staking requirements for higher reward tiers (staking involves locking up your crypto for a period).

Our verdict:

Ideal for those who prefer spending their crypto directly, avoiding conversion fees, and enjoying a broad selection of supported cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Debit Card

The Coinbase Card is a popular crypto debit card issued by the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. This card makes it easy to spend your cryptocurrency on everyday purchases. You can link it to your Coinbase account and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC wherever Visa cards are accepted worldwide. This means you don't have to sell your cryptocurrency first, so you won't miss out if its value goes up later.

Plus, managing the Coinbase Card is simple. You can do everything through the Coinbase app, like checking your transactions and adding money from your Coinbase account. Lastly, Coinbase uses standard measures to keep your money safe, and the card has special technology to protect you when you use it in stores.

Coinbase Debit Card.


Convenience: Spend your crypto or USDC balance directly at any Visa merchant, online or in-store.
Security: Coinbase implements security measures to protect your funds.
Flexible Funding: You choose which cryptocurrency or USDC wallet to link to your card for spending.
Rewards Program: While Coinbase doesn't offer a traditional cashback program, you can earn rewards in crypto by choosing to spend specific cryptocurrencies during rotating reward periods. The reward percentage may vary depending on the chosen crypto.


Transaction Fees: None for purchases using your card balance. However, ATM operators may charge withdrawal fees.
ATM Fees: Free for up to $200 worth of withdrawals per month, then a 2.5% fee applies (subject to change).
Conversion Fees: When your crypto is converted to fiat currency for a purchase, a spread may be applied.

Our verdict:

A top pick for instant crypto-to-fiat conversions, making it easy to spend crypto on everyday purchases with the flexibility of choosing which crypto wallet to use.

Wirex Debit Card

The Wirex card combines regular debit card convenience with cryptocurrency flexibility. You can use your crypto directly for online and in-store purchases without converting it first, saving you fees. Plus, Wirex lets you earn interest on your crypto holdings. It works worldwide, but only offers a Visa debit card for now, with no Mastercard option.

Wirex Debit Card.


Effortless Crypto Spending: Spend your cryptocurrencies or stablecoins directly without conversion hassles.
Competitive Rates: Wirex claims to offer competitive exchange rates for crypto conversions during purchases.
Rewards Program: Earn crypto cashback rewards on your spending through their tiered Wirex Loyalty Program. Higher tiers offer better cashback rates (up to 8% as of March 2024).
ATM Withdrawals: Withdraw cash from ATMs using your card balance, although fees may apply.


Potential Fees: While Wirex highlights crypto-friendly features, there might be some fees to consider:

  • Monthly account maintenance fees for certain card tiers.
  • Transaction fees for certain card actions (check their website for details).
  • ATM withdrawal fees (charged by the ATM operator).

Our verdict:

Perfect for travellers, providing competitive exchange rates, cashback on spending, and seamless currency conversions, enhancing the global spending experience.

BitPay Debit Card

The Bitpay Card is a prepaid Mastercard debit card that lets you quickly exchange cryptocurrency into regular money. Once converted, the money is put onto the card, ready to be used worldwide wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted. You can also use the BitPay Card for online shopping and to withdraw cash from ATMs.


Spend Crypto Anywhere: Use your Bitpay Card to pay for online and in-store purchases at any Mastercard merchant.
Convenient Top-Up: Easily load your card with crypto from your Bitpay wallet app.
Security: Bitpay implements security measures to protect your funds.
Instant Virtual Card: Get a virtual card right away for immediate online spending.
Optional Physical Card: Order a physical card for added convenience at physical stores.


Transaction Fees: No transaction fees for using the card to pay in the US.
ATM Fees: $2.50 fee for ATM or cash-back withdrawals inside and outside of the USA.
Conversion Fees: 3% fee for currency conversion when travelling outside the US.
Card Issuance Fee: A small fee applies for ordering a physical card (around $10 as of March 18, 2024).

Our verdict:

Designed for users focused on cost efficiency, offering a prepaid card solution with no transaction fees for users within the United States.

Gemini Credit Card

The Gemini Card, recognized as one of the best credit cards for crypto, is issued by WebBank and partnered with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. With no annual fees, it rewards users with cryptocurrency for everyday spending, with options to earn up to 4% back on gas and EV charging, 3% on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on everything else, all instantly deposited into their Gemini account.

With over 40 crypto options available, users have flexibility in choosing their rewards. Additionally, the card provides security features and convenient management through the Gemini app, making it an appealing choice for those seeking to maximize their crypto returns.

Gemini Credit Card.


Crypto Rewards: Earn up to 4% back in crypto on gas station and EV charger purchases, 3% back on dining, and 1% back on all other purchases.
Flexible Rewards Redemption: Redeem your rewards in any cryptocurrency tradable on the Gemini platform.
Real-Time Rewards: Rewards are deposited into your Gemini account instantly after each purchase.
Security: Gemini implements security measures to protect your card information and crypto holdings.


Potential Fees: While there's no annual fee, consider these

  • Standard credit card interest rates apply to balances not paid in full each month.
  • Foreign transaction fees for using the card outside the USA.

Our verdict:

Best crypto card for instant crypto rewards, depositing them directly into your account, with a focus on security and a selection of cryptocurrencies for rewards.

Ledger (CL) Card

The Ledger Card, also known as the CL Card, is a debit card designed to seamlessly connect with your Ledger hardware wallet and the Ledger Live app. Acting as a link between your secure Ledger wallet and everyday spending, you can easily transfer cryptocurrency from your Ledger wallet to your CL Card account for use at millions of Mastercard-accepting merchants worldwide. Integrated with Ledger Live, the CL Card allows you to conveniently manage your card, add funds from your Ledger wallet, and track transactions in one place. 

Additionally, it offers instant conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency at the point of purchase, though specifics on this are not fully disclosed. It's worth noting that while the CL Card benefits from Ledger's security technology, it's actually operated by a separate company called Baanx.

Ledger Card (CL).


Spending: Enables spending cryptocurrencies.
Collateral: Allows using crypto as collateral, for loans and other services.
Secure transactions: They are made through Ledger's technology.
Cashback: Earning cashback with every transaction.


Foreign exchange fee: up to 1.5%
Conversion fee: from crypto to fiat currency 2%
Withdrawal fees: may be calculated upon local ATM, including withdrawal fee and ATM operator fees

Our verdict:

Best crypto card solution to connect your Ledger hardware wallet to daily spending, combining Ledger's security with the convenience of a card for spending crypto at millions of merchants.

Venmo Credit Card

The Venmo Card is a Mastercard crypto card issued by Synchrony Bank in partnership with the Venmo mobile payment app. It offers automatic cashback rewards based on your spending habits—3% on your top category, 2% on the next, and 1% on everything else—with no annual fee. 

The card's QR code feature simplifies splitting bills, and you can manage it easily through the Venmo app. Keep in mind, though, that applying for the card requires a credit check, and you'll pay interest on any balance you carry over each month. 

Venmo Debit Card.


Cash Back Up to 5%: Earn cash back on all eligible purchases, with higher rates for top spending categories that automatically adjust each month.
Venmo Integration: Track your card activity and rewards directly within the familiar Venmo app.
Flexible Rewards Redemption: Redeem your cash back for statement credits, transfer it to your Venmo balance for instant spending, or invest it in cryptocurrency (subject to availability).
Unique QR Code: Each card has a QR code for easy Venmo payments by scanning with the app.


Potential Fees: While there's no annual fee, consider these:

  • Standard credit card interest rates apply to outstanding balances.
  • Foreign transaction fees for using the card outside your home country.

Our verdict:

Best card for turning cashback directly into crypto with ease, all through the Venmo app.

What is a Crypto Debit Card?

Crypto debit cards function similarly to traditional debit cards but instead of linking to a bank account, they connect to your cryptocurrency wallet. You load them with crypto, and when you make a purchase, the equivalent amount in fiat currency is automatically deducted from your crypto balance and paid to the merchant.


  • Spend Crypto Directly: Easily use your existing cryptocurrency holdings for everyday purchases without needing to convert them to cash beforehand.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the widespread acceptance of debit cards at millions of merchants globally.
  • Potential Rewards: Some crypto debit cards offer rewards programs, giving you cash back or even more crypto for your spending.


  • Cryptocurrency Volatility: The value of your crypto holdings can fluctuate, so the purchasing power of your card balance can change.
  • Conversion Fees: When you use your card, the transaction might involve converting your crypto to fiat currency, which can incur fees.
  • Limited Crypto Support: Not all crypto debit cards support every cryptocurrency. Ensure the card works with the cryptos you want to spend.

Crypto debit cards offer a convenient way to spend your cryptocurrency holdings but it's important to be aware of the potential downsides, especially the irregularity of cryptocurrencies and associated fees.

What is a Crypto Credit Card?

Crypto credit cards work similarly to traditional credit cards in some ways. You get a credit line from the issuer to make purchases, and you need to pay back the borrowed amount plus interest at the end of your billing cycle. However, instead of earning cash back or points, you earn rewards in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.


  • Earn Crypto on Purchases: This is the main perk. You can accumulate cryptocurrency through everyday spending, potentially growing your crypto holdings over time.
  • Traditional Credit Card Features: You still get the convenience and security of a regular credit card, with features like purchase protection and fraud monitoring.
  • Potential for Higher Rewards: Crypto rewards can potentially offer higher returns compared to traditional cash-back programs if the crypto market appreciates.


  • Cryptocurrency Volatility: The value of your crypto rewards can fluctuate significantly, meaning they could be worth less in the future.
  • Fees: Crypto credit cards often come with annual fees, transaction fees, and potentially conversion fees for rewards. These can eat into your earnings.
  • Limited Availability: Crypto credit cards are a new product and not yet as widely offered as traditional cards. You might have fewer options to choose from.

Crypto credit cards can be an interesting option for those who want to spend and earn cryptocurrency through everyday spending and are comfortable with the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies.

How To Choose The Right Crypto Credit or Debit Card

Check the withdrawal options available with the card, including ATM withdrawal limits, fees, and accessibility. Ensure the card offers convenient withdrawal methods that suit your needs, whether for cash or cryptocurrency.

Additionally, it's important to verify that the card provides broad support for various cryptocurrencies, ensuring it contains the digital assets you intend to use.

How to choose a crypto wallet.

Supported Cryptos

Review the list of supported cryptocurrencies to ensure the card accommodates the assets you hold or plan to use for spending. Opt for a card with broad cryptocurrency support to maximize flexibility.

Minimum Stake

Some crypto cards require users to stake a minimum amount of cryptocurrency to access certain benefits or features. Consider whether you're willing to commit the required stake and evaluate the associated risks and rewards.

Conversion (for Traveling)

If you plan to use your crypto credit or debit card for travelling, consider the currency conversion process. Look for cards that offer competitive exchange rates and minimal conversion fees when using the card abroad. 

Some cards may also provide features like multi-currency wallets or fee-free currency conversion, making them ideal for frequent travellers who need to spend in different currencies.


Security is important when dealing with financial instruments, including crypto cards. Evaluate the security measures implemented by the card provider, such as two-factor authentication, encryption protocols, and fraud detection systems. 

Additionally, consider whether the card offers features like transaction alerts, card freezing, or insurance against unauthorized transactions or fraud.

Final Thoughts on Best Crypto Cards: Debit & Credit

Crypto cards offer debit and credit options. Debit cards let you spend existing crypto without borrowing, but values can change, and spending is limited. 

Credit cards use crypto as collateral, offering rewards and more spending, but watch out for interest rates and market changes. Consider fees, rewards, security, availability, supported cryptocurrencies, and crypto volatility.

FAQ About Crypto Cards

How do crypto debit cards work?

Crypto debit cards let you use your cryptocurrency like regular money with a linked debit card.

How do crypto credit cards work?

Crypto credit cards let you spend money you borrow against your cryptocurrency holdings.

Do you pay tax on crypto cards?

Tax rules on crypto cards vary, so it's best to check with a tax advisor.

What is the point of crypto cards?

Crypto cards make it easy to spend cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

Why should I get a crypto card?

A crypto card offers convenience and flexibility for using cryptocurrency, potentially with rewards.

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