Google Searches Explodes as Solana Soars Past $200

Solana (SOL) has notably etched its name as one of the most discussed digital assets in the latter part of 2023's buoyant crypto market. The cryptocurrency experienced a remarkable ascension in its value, beginning at a modest $20 as September was drawing to a close, and subsequently soaring to a remarkable $120 by the time the year-end festivities were underway in late December. 

This exponential increase not only captivated the attention of market enthusiasts but also underscored the robust vitality of Solana, even as it faced certain operational challenges. It became evident when the network experienced a considerable level of congestion, leading to delays in the communications transmitted between its nodes, at times reaching upwards of 40 seconds.

Nonetheless, this did not deter the token's progressive momentum. As we ventured into the early months of 2024, Solana persisted in its upward trajectory. This was despite experiencing a temporary setback in mid-January—a downturn that affected the broader cryptocurrency landscape following the green light given to nine spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs)—and managed to not only recover but also to accomplish new heights, with its value impressively surpassing the $200 threshold by mid-March.

Solana Hits Top Global Search Interest

In tandem with its price appreciation, Solana's popularity surged among the general public. Evidence from Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Trends indicates that the global curiosity in SOL climbed to an unparalleled zenith, with the search engine's analytics demonstrating a perfect score of 100 on a global scale, and notably reaching this peak in several regions for the very first time.

Data pulled from Google Trends reveals that Solana's popularity skyrocketed around two key periods: the onset of the New Year and the early days of March. Each of these periods of heightened popularity aligns with significant upswings in the cryptocurrency's price. The most substantial surge in search interest was observed starting February 17, culminating in a top score of 100 on March 17.


Reflecting on historical data, the record for search interest prior to this was set around three years prior, back in September 2021, when it reached an impressive 84.

Additionally, the analytics from the tech behemoth show an intriguing geographical distribution of interest: Malta tops the list of countries with the keenest interest in SOL, with Spain, Mauritius, Georgia, and the People's Republic of China also showing a noteworthy curiosity about the token.


However, it's interesting to note that while Solana breaks records on a global scale, its presence in the American consciousness remains relatively modest, with a Google Trends score lingering around 18.

Solana price chart

Solana's recent surge in popularity is well-supported by its performance metrics. Over the past 52 weeks, the token's value has climbed an extraordinary 822.27%, and year-to-date (YTD) figures reflect a robust 98.49% increase in the green.


The token's performance in the more immediate time frames is equally impressive. Over the last month, Solana has surged by 88.86%, and it boasts a 40.30% increase over the past week. The past 24 hours alone have witnessed a further 7.64% hike in its value, pushing the price to $208.01 at the time of reporting.

The steadfast and seemingly inexorable uptrend that Solana has maintained since late September of 2023 points to strong market sentiment in its favor. It suggests that the cryptocurrency is not just aiming to revisit, but is also on a plausible path to eclipse its previous all-time high (ATH) of approximately $260, which it originally attained back in November 2021.

Rahul is a skilled freelance writer specializing in cryptocurrency and an expert in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, and Web3.