When Will Altcoins Hit $1 Trillion? Crypto Expert Drops Prediction

Amidst the prevailing resurgence in the broader cryptocurrency sector, the altcoin segment finds itself no exception to this upward trajectory. Currently, the market capitalization of altcoins stands resiliently above a pivotal threshold, a development that has not escaped the discerning eye of crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe. 

According to his insights, expounded in an extensive post dated January 30, the total crypto market cap, excluding Bitcoin (BTC), has surpassed the significant milestone of $675 billion. Van de Poppe is optimistic about the trajectory, anticipating a sustained upward movement towards the coveted $1 trillion mark or possibly even surpassing $1.25 trillion within the ensuing two to four months.

Strongest altcoins

Van de Poppe's observations delve deeper into the altcoin market dynamics, emphasizing a noteworthy shift as it successfully reclaims the 200-week moving average (MA) and converts the erstwhile resistance at approximately $675 billion into a supportive foundation. This strategic maneuver has set the stage for an upward trend, with the next resistance levels identified by the crypto trading expert positioned at around $1 trillion and $1.257 trillion, respectively.

Within this dynamic altcoin landscape, certain cryptocurrencies exhibit greater resilience and strength than others. An exemplary case is Polygon (MATIC), which displays robust technical and fundamental indicators. Despite facing challenges in the preceding year, MATIC aims to double its price, targeting the range between $1.25 and $1.50.

Furthermore, Ethereum (ETH), the leading altcoin by market capitalization, has recently achieved a milestone by outperforming Bitcoin for the first time since October 2022. Concurrently, heightened activity in the derivatives market for Ethereum suggests a potential realignment of capital flows, as outlined in the latest report by Glassnode.

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