Peter Brandt Predicts Bitcoin Could Be the New Gold Standard

Seasoned market analyst Peter Brandt, celebrated for his acumen in technical analysis, recently shared his insights on Bitcoin's future role as a robust store of value, potentially taking over the role traditionally held by fiat currencies.

Reflecting on his extensive experience, Brandt remarked, “My professional background was shaped during the era when hostile corporate takeovers dominated headlines in financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. However, today, we are witnessing a takeover challenge of an unprecedented scale,” setting the stage for his views on Bitcoin and its impact on the financial world.

‘’Bitcoin BTC is vying to become the Level 1 ‘store-of-value’ standard replacing fiat currencies and government bonds’’.

He further clarified his stance by saying, “It's not that I foresee the disappearance of fiat currencies. Everyday transactions, like purchasing groceries or filling up your car with gas, will continue to rely on currencies like the USD, Yen, and EUR. 

Governments will persist in introducing new forms of currency, with future denominations possibly being as large as a $100 bill being the smallest available currency unit in the United States.”

Brandt, who regularly provides analysis on Bitcoin's price movements, has been notably optimistic about the cryptocurrency's market trajectory. At the beginning of the month, he pointed out signs that indicate the commencement of a bull market for Bitcoin. 

Additionally, in a recent update, he revised his prediction for Bitcoin's price peak in the ongoing bull market cycle, which he anticipates concluding around August/September of next year, elevating his forecast from $120,000 to an impressive $200,000.

In January, Brandt identified a particular price pattern in Bitcoin's movement, which he believes is crucial for maintaining the health of its bull trend. He described this pattern as “Hump…Slump…Pump…Dump,” emphasizing its importance in sustaining a positive market momentum. Moreover, his analysis extends beyond Bitcoin; he expressed a strong macroeconomic bias towards Bitcoin as being an exceptional candidate for a store of value amidst the devaluation of fiat currencies. 

Brandt openly expressed, “In my opinion, Bitcoin is primarily a store-of-value and still has massive opportunities to appreciate. I think everything is junk, including ETH.”

Rahul is a skilled freelance writer specializing in cryptocurrency and an expert in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, and Web3.